Designed to make managing bookings simple and hassle free.

Ideal for Personal Trainers, Dance Studios, Gyms, Pole and Aerial studios, Fitness, Events, Clubs, Education, and many types of business or any activity that requires booking of students/clients/members.

Clear, Clean, Customisable

Booket allows users to have an easy and simple set up, designed to be easy on the eye and brain. We guarantee even a novice computer user will be able to use Booket. We also haven't forgotten students & clients. It uses a very clean simple to use system that guides them at each step from start to finish. Dare we say it's "almost" fool proof in its simplicity.

Some more information...

Designed for all manners of booking requirements from single, multiple, recurring and block bookings. Set Booket up to work how you want.

  • > Easy to add or link into your current website.
  • > Simple customisation tools to let Booket fit right in with your website colours and branding.
  • > A number of payment packages that are aimed to work from small to large businesses all very competivley priced for the features offered.
  • > A secure and reliable notification system via emails and text message, making sure you are kept updated at all times as well as keeping your students/clients informed every step of the way.
  • > A choice of payment options with again our signature simplicity in ease of use.

We honestly feel the ease of use with Booket will mean you wont be heading to the support area but if for whatever reason you do need a helping hand we are here for you to get you on your way again. Level of support will depend on the package you have chosen.

Finally, yes we have been banging on about simplicity, ease of use and being user friendly. Behind the scenes Booket has a complex system in place but unlike many other booking sites we have kept all the confusion, jargon and complexities locked away.

Be sure to give Booket a try with our free trial when it becomes available as we truly believe it's simplicity yet hidden power will give you a "where have you been all my life" moment. We have currently got this project in development and will get it out as soon as possible, please wait for further updates!

We're working on it!

This project is currently being developed with one of our latest members in the team, we hope to reveal more soon.

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