Chroma Hills

One of Minecraft's most popular resource packs in the world.

Created by our founding father (the old wizard of the team) this colourful and semi cartoony resource pack has gone on to surpass over 3 million downloads and still going since it launched back in the start of 2013. It was well recieved by the Minecraft community for it's bright colourful and detailed charm in a much higher resolution and styling in a RPG theme. This work is still a work in progress and a continuning project that may just never end as Minecraft contiunes to Evolve as a game.

Cartoon with an RPG twist

If you would like to try out Chroma Hills for yourself you can visit the the offical website here. Chroma Hills also has a Multiplayer Minecraft server to accompany the resource pack, this also is in a state of change and ongoing evolution for those who play or would like to play the server IP is CHROMAHILLS.NET

Features of the pack

  • > Created to keep a simillar feel to the default look of Minecraft with its own twist.
  • > 2000+ extra textures to enhance detail (requires Minecraft modding to see).
  • > Custom drawn day/night sky.
  • > Extra versions of in game characters.
  • > Extra textures added to work with shader mods.
  • > Custom Animations
  • > 8x the resolution of default Minecraft with a 64X version for lower spec machines!
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