Craft Guard

Securing Commissions & Creating Opportunities.

Craft Guard is a business collaboration between Syclone Studios and Hydraxus - a renowned and respected master builder in the Minecraft community. CraftGuard is a web based service dealing with the commission side of Minecraft. They offer protection and security to builders, developers and anyone who creates something for Minecraft where money is paid for their services. They take a percentage of the agreed price or they pay an hourly rate to creatives who sign up to them and in return they look after the process of dealing with the commission and making sure the they are paid and not subjected to theft or scams.

Want to get involved?

The Craft Guard website is currently in development and will be released shortly, to sign up or get more information go to their landing page by clicking the button below.

Craftguard Features

  • > Protecting creatives from chargebacks, scams and theft.
  • > Managing & negotiating projects.
  • > Legally contracted measures taken to protect those using the services.
  • > A fully comprehensive website with portfolios, in-built contract signing and a team portfolio with client & creator areas.
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