In Development

We can't say too much about this one!

Something we are very proud of, however currently in developement and all hush hush is an Application we have been working on for some months to be used with the very popular PC game Minecraft. Currently being developed for the Android Platfroms, this will also be ported over to Apple iOS in due course. We can't wait to unveil this and as soon as we reach our milestone in developemnt thats exactly what we will do!

Fun & easy to use.

Our up and coming application will aim to entice the right crowd, and be fun yet easy to understand throughout, filled to the brim with numerous functions so that our users can have so much more to do at their fingertips than our rivals have managed to achieve.

Interested in joining us? Are you good at Objective-C? We are actively looking for iOS Developers, so if you're interested, contact us to apply today!

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