How does it work?

We're not like most others, our team work together and allow everyone to be flexible with incoming projects, not everyone's the same, some people may like to work on more projects than others, and we don't lock you down or force you to work on projects that aren't of interest. Each team member is treated as an individual contractor, therefore they will deal with their own taxation relevant to their country.

Being a member of Syclone Studios is great, we give no fixed salary as we see it as a great disadvantage and a limitation when you could have greater incentive to earn more by working and improving your skills. Earnings through projects you're involved in are equally shared between the core team members of a project; projects that involve a constant revenue stream will still mean you will be receiving equal profits for the duration of the project. If you have an awesome idea you feel you would like to bring to Studios and work within the studios family, we are happy to talk!

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