Depths of Sanity

Horror Game in development!

Still very much in development and simmering away in the hands of a small side team of the Studio is Sanity. Built in Unity it's our little indie entry into the popular horror/adventure genre. If won't be your typical first person view point and we are working on giving it gritty grimy style. There is no set release date but hopefully we will be able to show some of the progress soon.


Sanity's story is not completely set and is subject to change but lets set the scene for you... Henry is 31. He was previously married to a beautiful woman named Katherine. They had 1 child, a girl named Susan. They were happily ever after until one day both Katherine and Susan were killed in a head-on-collision with a drunk driver. Our protagonist, Henry, spiraled into a deep dark state of depression, in which he succumbed to drugs and alcohol abuse. He thinks the crash was his fault, because he hadn't driven with them. On a bad drug trip, he awakes in a warehouse. His head is pounding, and he has no idea where he is. He finds the flashlight next to him, and he grabs it...

Some more information...

Henry is no action hero and is a depressed alcoholic, heavily medicated, and stuck between knowing what is reality and whats in his head.......unfortunelty for him the pain he suffers in both states can be very REAL indeed!

  • > Use of dynamic shadows/lights.
  • > High contrast gritty visuals.
  • > Heavy use of sound to express character and environment.
  • > Horror/Stealth/Adventure
  • > Switching of camera angles for dramatic effect.

We are looking to recruit a Level Designer, contact us here if you're interested!

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