What are we?

Syclone Studios is a brand new startup that gives a great opportunity to all creative minds in the field. We set out to become a close-knit group of talented, imaginative young people with a background of skills in areas of web/app development and graphic design. We aim to offer real-world clients a full package of skills which in return will be great rewards. With Studios, we allow everyone involved in a project to enjoy an equal share of earnings from that specific project. Some projects may work via subscription payments resulting in a regular income for those involved. Every project you can contribute to increases your earnings. To many this concept is more attractive in comparison to the limitations of fixed salary rates - although we are aware that it may only fit a certain criteria of people due to individual circumstances and commitments. This is all brought together with our more mature founding member (we like to call the great wizard!) bringing many years of business experience to the collective.

Are you a creative looking to join Studios?

Who are we?


Owner, Project Manager & Artist

I've worked in the games industry from the age of 17 for 10 years on numerous projects, from the game industry I went to freelance then running my own business for another 10 years. I've worked in all aspects of 2D/3D skill sets. My latest creation is the popular resource pack Chroma Hills for Minecraft. I am thrilled to be in the position to setup and work with Syclone Studios!


Graphic & Web Designer

I've had a passion for Graphic Design the day I picked up Photoshop at 10 years old, since then I have studied in areas of Photography, Videography, Graphics and Web Design, I consider myself a perfectionist at heart, which helps when designing layouts! This year I plan to design a lot more apps/websites and expand my knowledge into back-end web development.


Application & Software Developer

Iv'e been a Java developer for many years, primarily. However, I have experience with other programming languages as well such as C, C#, C++, MySQL... I've been independently programming for the past three years until I joined Studios. I'm working on many things including an exciting in-house app, I'm also the primary developer for Chroma Hills.


Software Developer

Coming from a far off land I'm the youngest member of the team, also Lead Developer on Sanity. I'm considered an impressive problem solver and have been a winner/runner up of many coding competitions. My collabration with Simon on the concept and planning of Sanity is getting people excited here. A great young talent that loves working with the Unity engine, I'm pleased to be on-board.


Designer, Web & Software Developer

I love creating unique solutions by exercising the evolution of traditional computer languages to their full potential, my background has been in music performance and teaching. I have practiced the ways of the web for 12 years and strives to deliver quality while educating clientele of the misconceptions and mysteries of the web!


Web & Software Developer

Another games industry veteran who spent 10 years working on big titles such as Capcom, Sony, Microsoft. I moved over to web development and coding in 2001 as a hobby before finally biting the bullet and going full time in 2008. I have extensive experience in sql, jquery, javascript, css, php and html as well as using photoshop since 1996. Yes, Photoshop is that old.. :)

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